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______What we do

Ensure Quality

At Cotlinks, we specialize in ensuring top-notch quality for clothing and textile products, catering to renowned brands worldwide. With extensive industry experience, we offer comprehensive quality control and assurance services throughout your supply chain process.

Our collaborative approach empowers us to develop tailored strategies for your specific needs, delivering safe, sustainable, and quality-assured products. By minimizing defective items and addressing customer complaints, we help you maintain a flawless reputation and timely deliveries. Our independent inspection services safeguard your business interests, mitigating risks and ensuring the production and delivery of exceptional products.

We take pride in our unwavering commitment to excellence and our passion for our client’s success. Whether you’re a textile manufacturer, a retailer, or an end consumer, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve the highest standards of quality and safety for your products.

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______Empowering Textile Innovation

Cotlinks Sourcing Services

At Cotlinks, we have a big dream of making the textile industry better by bringing new ideas and variety. We want to help the industry succeed in a competitive market, and we love building connections between people around the world. Our goal is to assist our clients and partners in understanding each other better.

We feel happy when we can contribute to making the world more eco-friendly and transparent. We believe in sharing inspiration and working to wards a more sustainable future.

Our approach is different from the traditional way of doing things. We stay close to our customers, and we provide strategies and information to help them find the right products for their needs.


To be able to offer total quality services across the global supply chain in order to solve our customers’ challenges anywhere, anytime


To consistently provide fast, flexible, detailed & sustainable solutions across the whole supply chain for a more efficient and greener world


Our state of the art I.T based solution provide real time feedback to the order status, real-time production status & real time quality status.



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Quality Inspection

Cotlinks takes pride in delivering products of exceptional quality through its dedicated quality inspection service. With a rigorous and meticulous approach, the company ensures that each item meets or exceeds industry standards

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Supply Chain Solution

As part of its commitment to supporting international supply chains, Cotlinks offers comprehensive supply chain solutions. This service involves managing the entire journey of materials and products, from sourcing to delivery

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Pattern Digitalization

Cotlinks provides cutting-edge in pattern digitalization, revolutionizing the traditional pattern-making process.Through this, we enable greater precision & efficiency in the design & production stages.This speeds up the production timeline & reduces waste.

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Design & Embelish

Cotlinks a dynamic design & embellishment service that adds uniqueness to textile products.Collaborating closely with clients, Company’s skilled designers create captivating designs & apply embellishments that align with the brand’s identity & market trends

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Sourcing is at the heart of Cotlinks’ mission, the company excels in connecting clients with the right suppliers & materials. By understanding the needs of our client, Identifies sourcing options that align with sustainability goals, quality standards, & cost-effectiveness

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At Cotlinks, we envision excellence through innovation and diversification in the textile industry. Our mission is to empower the industry to thrive and succeed in a fiercely competitive market.
We are committed to providing our valued clients with professional, fair, and convenient quality control and supply chain services at a competitive price, fostering prosperous and enduring business relationships. Our passion for sustainability drives us to actively contribute to a healthier planet through our work in the textile sector.
Join us in our journey towards a brighter and more sustainable future for textiles. Partner with Cotlinks and experience the difference!