Quality Assurance

We undertake following steps to ensure quality:

How do we ensure quality?

With the aid of our knowledgeable, qualified human capital and cutting-edge inspection tools, we make an effort to provide our services with the utmost professionalism and honesty.

We examine samples and production at the early stages. We communicate possible problems with processes, raw materials, or products to clients and vendors, helping resolve issues early in the timeline preemptively. Cotlinks can develop the right strategy for you and assure total quality control throughout your supply chain process. We work closely with our clients to achieve safe, quality ensured, and sustainable products. We go through a series of comprehensive checklists, each appointed on event gates, where a thorough examination of physical and process attributes is conducted.

Customer Satisfaction

Our Philosophy of services focus on the improvement of quality awareness and understanding of standard and strict to contractual requirements of customers

Quality Assurance

Work is carried out according to the international inspection, standards and safety.

24/7 support

Our customers are regularly informed of major development relative to their orders


Cotlinks inspections are based on professionals with special and excellent product knowledge who have been trained to remain alert throughout the inspection.

Lab Tests

Cotlinks quality control works with recognized and certified labs for all our laboratory tests. With our laboratory partners, we can provide a wide variety of testing at competitive pricing. We offer national as well as international lab testing.

Inspection Cost

We charge for each kind of inspection service based on the affordable person-day rate (one inspector works one day–8 hours), plus travel costs. The number of man-days needed depends on the product complexity, shipment quantity, inspection location, and specification requirements.
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